Reyes and Luisa Fortuna – two lover revolutionaries working to overthrow Allende as well as their chairman, General Sanchez, with several innovative episodes

Four years after within the 1911, the existing American Western is passing away. Encroaching technological improves for example railroads, telegram workplaces, and you will more powerful the police start to put on their own for the western society. The federal government wants new Agency from Research to help with the procedure of civilizing south-west by the ridding the location regarding the savage gangs powering crazy and you can unchallenged, specifically regarding Expenses Williamson and you may Dutch van der Linde. Refusing and then make martyrs off her or him, Ross son’s that Agency is viewing to take a look your down: former outlaw John Marston. Because of the kidnapping John’s spouse and you may son, Ross forces your so you’re able to comply. For this reason, John try forced to roam the new boundary again to safeguard his family relations.

The Austin

John comes within the Blackwater on the ferry Morningstar and that is escorted of the Edgar Ross and you can Archer Fordham because of area become sent off because of the show in order to Armadillo. Just after here, John discovers techniques entitled Jake rented because of the regional marshal from the saloon. Brand new chatty publication issues Marston regarding the their aim however, gets no solutions reciprocally. The guy leads John for the wall space away from Fort Mercer, area of the hide out of one’s Williamson group. In the confronting their dated buddy, boy within the letting go of soundly, but Williamson taunts John to own his code, proudly stating that he could be today in charge of his very own gang. John is located at to possess their revolver however, becomes sample in the all the way down best upper body by one of Statement Williamson’s males.

Immediately following coping with the night time and eventually fainting on side of the path, Bonnie MacFarlane along with her farm hands Amos discover John or take your in order to Nathaniel Johnston’s doc work environment in Armadillo. Just after treating his injuries, Bonnie will bring John with rooms, dining, and you may drink, on updates the guy assists their inside the ranch.

John performs out-of his debt out-of $fifteen with his lifestyle so you can Bonnie along with her dad Drew MacFarlane by-doing some farm efforts such nights patrol, cattle-herding, and you may horse-taming. Although not, Williamson finds out that John features lasted that is staying at the fresh new MacFarlane Farm, and orders their group to create brand new barn ablaze. John rescues the latest swept up ponies and you will Bonnie promises to offer him some cattle as he settles towards the his ranch again.

Shortly after helping You.S. Marshal Leigh Johnson with various work around Armadillo, John together with Marshal beginning to package an attack to the fort. To collect an effective posse plus the necessary info so you’re able to carry out the brand new assault, John works with serpent oil salesman Nigel Western Dickens and you will, because of him, Irish and you may Seth Briars. not, its preparations is actually briefly put off whenever Bonnie MacFarlane is kidnapped, to which John volunteers to help Marshal Johnson save yourself the girl off becoming hanged. Shortly after saving Bonnie, John with his allies carry out an assault towards Fort Mercer, using a “Trojan-horse” means because of the creeping John and you can good Gatling Weapon from inside the fort when you look at the Dickens’ truck. West Dickens gives them a lecture on which are into the his “miracle” truck, prior to rapping dramatically unofficially of the truck to help you signal John, just who reveals himself and you can eliminates every outlaws when you are attacking this new fort. However, following race, the team realize that Williamson got fled the earlier early morning and you can went to your exile throughout the North american country state of Nuevo Paraiso which have Javier Escuella.

Nuevo Paraiso

Irish escorts John south of the border toward North american country state, Moderno Paraiso, in which the guy match the region’s provisional governor, Colonel Allende, and his awesome under best-give man, Chief de- Santa. He could be obligated to benefit them to gain details about Williamson and you will Escuella. Meanwhile, John experiences the aging famous gunslinger Landon Ricketts who teaches your the latest firearm fighting feel and you may commits raids with the North american country Army. The guy tries to extract any recommendations possible regarding one another Allende and you can Reyes regarding your whereabouts out of Williamson and you can Escuella.

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